Food Mixers

Quattro FM20 Planetary Mixer

  • Capable of handling every type of dough as well as the preparation of eggs, cream, mayonnaise and other products
  • Heavy-duty design features 100% gear driven transmission with heat treated steel gears, shafts and hardened steel worm with a bronze-alloy worm wheel
  • Three speeds
  • Safety micro-switches on bowl lifter and bowl guard
Quattro FM20 Mixer

Fimar 25/SN 32litre fixed bowl

  • Can produce different types of dough, especially indicated for soft dough as bread and pizza
  • Body lined with scratch proof paint
  • Parts in contact with dough are made out of stainless steel (bowl, rod, spiral)
  • Options: timer, castors, 2 speed motor
Fimar Mixer